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    • First we in the EU for the expansion of arable land

      Nov 30, 2015
      Eurostat survey shows that for 10 years, arable land has expanded by 60%, while the average rate of navastvane the Union was 0.1 percent. Bulgarian Association of Owners of farmland gave
    • Problems with the harvest of wheat in Russia and Ukraine

      Nov 24, 2015
      In Russia and Ukraine, the expected poor harvest of wheat in the coming year. Area under wheat in Ukraine, Russia and Romania are expected to reduce the harvest in 2016. At the expense of oil
    • Threats of protests in introducing tax "garden"

      Nov 19, 2015
      3 months ago, when I mentioned the tax "garden", the Association of Bulgarian Villages defined it as reckless proposal to introduce a tax on the land of the most vulnerable and poor population in
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